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EXPEDER Logistics Ltd

we are modern logistics company

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Freight Handling

We handle any volume/weight and nature, for example(personal effects, valuables, live animals (AVI), perishables as well as heavy duty machinery), of cargo.


Airfreight services

We are privileged to coordinate with some of the worlds' renowned airlines such as British airways, Ethiopian airways, Emirates, Kenya airways, Brussels airlines,..



We have the expertise to pack any form
of cargo ranging from Venomous
reptiles to heavy duty machinery
at competitive rates.


Daily consolidation

We can combine several shippers to achieve massive airfreight uplift in order to attract greatly discounted rates over the normal book rates. This facility is available ...

avail discounts upto 35%

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  • EXTRA Large Suitcase (or box)
  • NO Weight Limit upto 50 kgs
  • free customs and delivery by air
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Warehousing and insurance

We can avail secure and convenient warehousing when required by our clients. Insurance for our clients' cargo is arranged with the most renowned


Customs clearance

Our good relations with the customs authorities enable us to process our clients merchandise in a timely manner. Our brokerage fees for this service



We have readily available cargo vans
and trucks to relieve our clients
the hustle of road side


Urgent shipments

For time sensitive products and cargo, we value their urgency and will endeavour to make late and priority booking for their freight.

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