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    Thermocouple for
    Molten Aluminium
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    Uncompromising sound
    Ear Headphone H9
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    Wireless speaker that fills your home with music.
    Speaker M5 Audio

About Us Hi-Tech Transducers & Devices

In today's High Tech Industrial world, process industries call for highly precise monitoring devices which have direct impact on plant operations and on the organizations balance sheet as a whole. Keeping in mind the critical need of the pre-cision monitoring equipement Mr. D.V.Kulkarni, founder of the company decided to cater the industrial requirement.

I am a Electrical Engineer and having a wide experience in designing control devices. The company was incorporated in the year 1994 and has established a large customer base in the country and abroad as well.

Over 25+ Professionals are involved

The company is supported by qualified and experienced staff to take care of all departmental functions like design, re-search & development, manufacturing and after sales services to safeguard customer's interest. The transducers and devices manufactured by company are well established and proven in all industries.

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